Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Language of Darwin

There are aspects of Darwin's On the Origin of Species that cause much controversy. Darwin did a good job to try to prevent as much controversy as possible by his use of language. He uses language that is non-wavering so that the reader feels like he knows exactly what he's talking about and believes what he is saying. If Darwin were to begin wavering in his reasoning or arguments then the reader might question him. He also repeats himself to reaffirm his message and he uses repetition as a writing tool.

Darwin backs up his works by several other naturalists. He uses some that agree and some that disagree and he attacks the disagreements head on. This gives people reason to agree with Darwin's views because they are presented with arguments and then the arguments are disassembled.

One of the major aspects of Darwin's On the Origin of Species which has been fought for and against is the Struggle for Existence. The Struggle for Existence is a survival of the fittest and only the beneficial mutations will survive. This struggle goes on all the time, everywhere in the world. Species evolve and will continue to evolve for as long as the world exists.

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