Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some thoughts in regards to our talk earlier...

Charles Darwin’s proposal of natural selection in The Origin of Species has both been scrutinized and embraced by people upon the moment of its introduction to society. The stance one takes, be it scrutiny or embrace, often depends upon from where one is looking. Be it from a religious stand point, a biological stand point or a political philosophical stand point, one can devise many points of contention to as well as much evidence in favour of natural selection.

Our group’s focus is to evaluate and scrutinize some of these particular reactions to the theories introduced in The Origin. In order to recognize whether the points made by our peers from each successive group are valid, we must recognize and compare the differences amongst the 4 groups in relation to external research and literature that spans all different ideological spheres. Ultimately our efforts as “The Reactionaries” will be to decipher whether the differences in stand points affects the quality of the information and if the evidence suggesting the truth in one theory disproves the validity of another. In other words is one stand point more reliable in reviewing the credibility of natural selection? All while comparing their research with other credible sources.

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