Friday, October 1, 2010

Baconian vs. Augustan

Baconians act in a way that feels that knowledge is property. They feel it is their option to disseminate it however they wish in an elitist fashion. The world just has to deal with what they are given. Technology is inevitable and we just have to go along with it.
Augustans believe that technology is fine as long as we monitor how it is used
. It is being used improperly when we cannot escape it and use it in situations when it is inappropriate (like texting in class or going on facebook when homework needs to be done).
Today's society is given vaccines and medicines that we don’t know if we even need but scientists tell us that we need it so we believe them because we assume that they know better than we do. Sometimes vaccines are made and then the illness is made up. We are also given medications to control and help our ailments instead of being given a cure which makes us rely on technology and scientists. We are then given a “better” medicine but we are not told how it is better, just that it will help but we are also unsure of how it effects our bodies/minds. We are forced to trust the science, technology and intelligence of doctors and researchers because there is no way for the public to find out these things for themselves.

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