Thursday, October 14, 2010

Technology, where are you leading us to...?

After the lecture on discussion about the Baconian and Augustan, it puts me into doubt about where our "technology orientated" is going. Initially back in the 1800s I have to say that the rise of science did managed to allow human to make a great leap forward as the introduction of modern machinery has redefined our perception of time and space. However as the time moves alone, know I realised something rather dreadful. Every once in a while we will hear "great" news from the science world announcing that they have find a alternative energy source for cars so we can reduce co2 emission and stop globe warming, all a new medicine has been invented to combat diabetes. All sounds very promising indeed. But the problem is no of this issue that we are currently focused on to resolve was a big problem back in the old days. If it wasn't for the fact machines which powered by fossil fuel were invented, then we won't have globe warming problem. If it wasn't for the fact that modern food industry makes highly sugar concreted item so access , we wouldn't have these may cases of diabetes or obesity.

Some people say technology is the problem and the solution. I personally couldn't agree more. Our society might moving towards a direction where invention is no longer out of free will, but desperation of solving problem which was created by the old technology. In other world we might eventually be enslaved by technology for it is own "need" of existence.

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