Saturday, December 4, 2010

Initial Reaction

It was extremely interesting coming into a class based around Darwin as everyone has preconceived notions and assumptions about the author and his subject matter. Myself in particular, coming from learning about Darwin in high school biology, assumed to know what his theories were about and some of who he was as a man. As can be seen now near the end of the class, there was so much to be learned simply from reading the first hand text. I was very surprised to learn that it was not Darwin who coined the term "Survival of the Fittest" and his political and class associations as a Whig. One of the biggest revelations one comes away with is the fact of how, when certain ideas are so deeply entrenched within society, just how easily there are ignored in critical thought by the majority of people. Since Darwin's theories are accepted as true, why question them? As the different readings and conversations within class have shown, many have and will to continue to question them on grounds of understanding the biggest questions life has to offer.

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