Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some thoughts on G.K Chesterton

Chesterton suggested that the reason why Darwin's idea of natural selection has quickly gain popularity is due to the fact that people has this "worship to science" it is in our natural that we fear sense of uncertainty. We as a rather intelligent specie possess this need of knowing, we feel unsecured if there is certain phenomenal in the natural world that affects us all the time, and we have no understanding it what so ever. For example, in the past, when we have no idea why weather changes and or why lighting strikes, we would refers them as result of actions preformed by superior Being( God). Now since we have an scientific explanation to such phenomenal, explanation regarding things like light is an act of mythical power is nowhere to be seen.
Therefore the same story happened to the effort of explaining how evaluation works. Starting as early as 16s there was an explosion of scientific explanation to natural phenomenal around us. It is true that science has explained lots of things perfectly, however it might not be the case for the reasoning behind how evolution works, and Darwin's theory might merely be a pre-matured reasoning on how evolution works. Using natural selection to explain it might be just as good as saying that earth is not the center of the universe, but the sun is. Therefore we should not take it as granted and treat it like form of truth in our education system. And in fact that's the very reason I took hum321 at first place.


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