Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I always asked myself this too...

Katelyn's post on dogma has asked a very interesting question: " How much Darwinist theory is dogma" As I mentioned in my own evaluative response assignment, the reason why I find it is hard for me to accept those critiques on Darwin's theory is simple because, I have been taught in a society where such theory is generally accepted. Therefore it is influence on me has deeply rooted in my general understanding of the world.
After the introduction on the whole historical background on Darwin's family and the era he was lived in by doctor Ogden, it does makes me think that the sudden popularity of the evaluation through natural selection does somehow fits the interest of the politicians back then. The idea of fittest survival does to certain degree legitimize their will of overpower the rule of the traditional upper class. Therefore it makes me wonder if there is certain part of the theory is just simply some sort of embedded political propaganda to help the whings to gain even more popularity among the people. But then again since there isn't any better theory to explain the process of evaluation, so I would still believe in the idea of natural selection

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