Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Very interesting video! well done Bijan

After watching the video posted by Bijan "evolution isn't always perfect" It helped me a lot in term of understanding why some specie who carries certain rather inefficient trait can still survive the natural selection and past on their genes to the next generation. It is quite clear that lots of evolutionary trait we would consider as very "in-efficient" today could be some sort of compromise for other trait on that particular specie. When we pick out certain trait out off the contest and exam it individually, then it is quite easy to say, which would have been a "better" design. However if we put the factor of time and all the other environmental changes all into the equation, then it seems like asking for "too much" if we try to look for a perfectly efficient design. In fact they way I see the term "design" is that all specie is designed to change and adapt through time, rather than a fixed blue print. In this sense I would say a design is perfect if it managed to survival for millions of years in this ever-changing environment


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