Monday, November 8, 2010

Theory vs. Fact

In class we discussed what is a scientific theory and what is a scientific fact and how are they different? I think that a theory is something that you think and maybe want to prove or disprove and a fact is something that is already proven. I also think that theories become facts once they are proven. Also, a theory is an idea and a fact is experiences. A theory is a precursor to a fact because in order to do the research to create a fact, you must first have a theory or idea about what you want to research.

We also discussed that if you have two theories that lead to a fact you should choose the simpler fact. I think that you should choose the more sensible theory though. The simpler one may be easier to understand but i feel like the more sensible theory, even if more complicated, would be a better option, but this is just my personal opinion.

It is only experience that allows us to know things and infer things was also a topic brought up in lecture and I feel like I completely agree. Without the experiences in our lives we cannot even imagine things to theorize about. Without experiences we are not going to be open to other ways of life or possibilities of pretty much anything unless we can see with our own eyes how it works for other people or how it could work in other situations.

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