Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thoughts on "Environmentalism and Darwin"

It is very thoughtful of Paige to bring up the environmental issue we human raised on this planet as specie. There is no doubt that we are mostly responsible for many extinctions of specie in the past few hundred years, especially after the industrial revolution.
Many species which have survived for thousands of years in our eco system has extinct during the past two hundred years. The reason is quite simple. Specie can keep survives by going through gradual changes and modifications which takes long period of time. There is one prerequisite to this evolution process that is the change in environment which the specie tries to adapt must also be a gradual process. Now lots wild is suffering from human's dramatic and rapid alternation of nature world, it is quite clear that if we do not slow down our so call economy advancement and spend more effort into protect the natural environment, then there will be a day when we have to face the consequences of our ignorance today.


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